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By improving access to weather data globally, we can save and transform billions of lives

Weather can force people into poverty. Knowing the weather can lift them out.

Our Story is a nonprofit private charity that seeks to address the urgent global need for lifesaving, life-transforming weather information, and ensure useful weather information is accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the world. aims to work in partnership with their commercial operation,, a global leader in cloud-based MicroWeather technology, and with local public and private partners, to deliver sustainable best-in-class weather solutions to the 5 billion people living in regions where traditional technologies do not reach. We welcome you to join us on this journey to bring transformative benefits across sectors from food and agriculture to disaster preparedness and recovery to urban resilience and local SME empowerment. Together, we can mobilize change at an accelerated pace and build a weather-informed climate-resilient world for all.

We need to act and adapt now

Weather patterns are shifting. People and economies are suffering.
people still suffer
from hunger globally
needed emergency
assistance in 2018 due to
extreme weather events
annual GDP loss
due to weather
...while the gap in access to good weather information just keeps growing
5 billion
people do not have
access to reliable and
useful weather information
of surface and 71%
of upper air weather
stations in Africa
not reporting data
basic weather
stations are needed
across Africa
$2 billion
needed for equipment
modernisation and
$400 million annually
We have a new approach and are ready to act now. Access to better weather data globally could save 23,000 lives and achieve $4 to 36 billion of annual total economic benefits.

Introducing MicroWeather

Hyper Accurate • Specific • Customizable • Global

What would you do with better weather data?

We want to make sure that the BEST of ClimaCell’s weather solutions are reaching those who need them the most.
Climate Resilient Cities
Could you use our global urban flood forecast to prepare your community for life-threatening weather?
Disaster Preparedness and Relief
Could you use our weather platform and minute by minute alerting system to predict and fast track global disaster aid?
Rural Empowerment
Could you use our minute by minute field-by-field global weather forecast to inform your agricultural decisions and boost yields?
Behaviour Change
Could we use our global air quality index to inform your actions and fuel the fight to reduce emissions and improve air quality for all?
Drive Prosperity
Could you use our multi-parameter weather API to optimize your operations, enhance safety, protect assets, reduce losses, and seize business opportunities?

Weather data is a critical building block for the global economy

Help us build a world where everyone has access to useful weather information.

Knowing the weather matters

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We Are Ready To Lead Change

“We face a crisis... Global actions to slow climate change are promising but insufficient. We must invest in a massive effort to adapt to conditions that are now inevitable: higher temperatures, rising seas, fiercer storms, more unpredictable rainfall... We need more urgency, innovation, and scale”
The Global Commission on Adaptation. September 2019

Together, we can close the global weather gap

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